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Melbourne: 26st – 27nd Oct 2019

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Spend 2 days with some of the Sharpest Minds in Australia, discovering proven systems and strategies for profitable property investment.

Invest like the pros and get started in property renovations/development

Learn the renovations and development strategies that experienced property experts use to “manufacture” capital growth

Generate strong rental returns, so that they can win in today's challenging property markets

Take your property investment to a whole new level!

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Michael Yardney profile

Michael Yardney — your host

Dear Property Investor,

If you are interested in creating financial freedom for yourself using the safe proven techniques used by the property professionals (no get rich quick schemes here), then this 2 day event may be the most intense, challenging and valuable experience you’ll ever be part of.

In today's changing property markets you need answers from experienced property experts - "real world" answers from "real world" experts.

And you need "real world" techniques for wealth creation through property in this new era in the property market. Techniques such as property development and property renovation.

As well as the latest tax, finance and legal information.

But you need to learn them from "real world" experts who have invested and traded through multiple property cycles, not pretend experts who aren’t doing it themselves.

That's exactly what our Property Development & Renovation Workshop is about

Having successfully run this event for 14 years, we found out what serious property investors wanted in an advanced real estate workshop and in general they all wanted the same thing.

No hype. Not just information you can get in books or on the internet.

They wanted to learn "real world" advanced property techniques that would boost their wealth creation strategies, the sort of strategies that they could not get from books or the simple seminars from the so called gurus.

They wanted "real world" substance to the information, not just the superficial discussion given in many of the cheaper seminars where the main reason the promoter gets you there is to sell you more courses or "products".

They wanted to come out with the knowledge required to make sensible real estate investments that would lead to their financial security.

Many wanted to know about the advanced techniques of property renovation and development.

Yet others wanted us to hold their hand at the end and help them.

Well, we've listened to you and come up with a workshop that will deliver exactly what you asked for.

No bull...just real tested proven results (not theory)

Just when I thought I knew most everything I needed to know about property, Michael challenged me with the proposition of stepping outside the standard residential model. And as a result, this is the year I will become a millionaire...

Chris Blackwood Vermont, VIC

Thank you very much for an excellent conference. Janine and I have experienced a quantum leap in our understanding of trusts, property development etc. We also enjoyed talking with the numerous guest speakers

David and Janine Canberra, ACT

Thanks very much for putting on a great workshop. Even though I'm a ‘fairly seasoned' residential and commercial property investor I found your experience and insights refreshing and inspiring. I also learnt some new tricks from some of the other presenters too. Great stuff!

Mike Stone Redland Bay, QLD

With the right training, mentors, and game plan, you could also become a successful property investor or developer

26th – 27nd Oct 2019

“In each session we obtained information we can take home with us and use”

Wayne and Dell Stitcher, Queensland

You might be asking yourself...

Will it work for me?

There is no question about the concepts you will learn and the training you will receive.

The question is...will you take the blueprint that I, plus the other property experts give you, the step by step outline that has helped others and use it to become financially independent?

Remember… this event has sold out 14 years in a row and many attendees come back a second time to get a refresher and to pick up new ideas as the program is updated each year.

Will I be able to implement what I learn and what sort of support I will get?

Good question.

After all, if you are like most people, you have invested in other programs and been to seminars where you learned information that never got used or didn't get the promised results.

Remember… we based the content of our workshop on the results of the feedback of hundreds of subscribers to my e-magazine, so we are sure we are going to give you what you want.

This is your blueprint to growing a multimillion dollar property portfolio that will bring you financial independence.

For those who want to do it alone you will have all the knowledge that you need.

For those who will want ongoing assistance we also have an ongoing 15 month Mentorship Program especially for you.

Will I be able to afford it?

Surprisingly, for a seminar of this calibre and depth, this will probably be the best and most affordable investment you ever make.

What about the other cheaper or free seminars?

When you attend my Property Development & Renovation Workshop you'll get your money’s worth — you have my personal guarantee for that! Plus the first 50 registrants get a huge early bird savings and a one on one strategy session with me — more details further on.

If you choose to become involved in a development project with Metropole you will get your whole tuition refunded (of course some minor conditions apply) and if you use Metropole's Buyers Agency to help you identify and acquire an investment, you will get a partial rebate (up to $1,100 per property). So nothing could be fairer.

What this workshop covers

What would it be worth to you

To learn proven wealth creation strategies that would allow your property profits to take a quantum leap?

We will show you the systems used by those who have managed to develop financial independence — and this is less than 0.5% of all property investors. Also insiders advice on what's working right now.

What would it be worth to you

To understand the finance tactics the banks don’t really want you to know?

Finance is the lynchpin that allows you to leverage your money and efforts. We will show you the finance tactics to massively increase your property portfolio.

Learn how to get finance for renovations and development.

What would it be worth to you

To know how to “manufacture” capital growth through renovations and property development?

There are lots of people “teaching” this, but very few of them are “doing” it. When you join us you will get insider's advice from experts who have been successfully “doing it” for a living.

We'll show you what works and what doesn't

What would it be worth to you

To understand the asset protection and structuring strategies of the wealthy?

Rather than work hard and loose a third of yor money in tax, why not let the tax system work for you?

Learn to protect your assets from lawsuits, taxes and creditors.

Discover what type of trust is right for your needs

When you attend, you will learn

What is really going on in the world economy and what this means to you as a property investor.

How to select the right type of properties to renovate for substantial profits.

How I makes significant returns on my money by developing residential property including an extended session on how you could become a property developer. You will receive my A–Z Manual of Property Development including Metropole's internal checklists and worksheets. This manual is not available anywhere else.

What exactly drives property prices — why, over the next few years, some properties will perform so much better than others and how to find these properties.

How to select the suburbs that are likely to provide strong capital growth over the next few years (many suburbs will not).

How to use the lessons from previous property cycles to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Most investors will miss out!

I will explain how I research property to find the boom “Hot Spot” suburbs of tomorrow so you could achieve maximum profit with minimum risk.

The best way to buy property including at auction and private sale and what research you need to do before you buy.

The negotiation tricks used by the pro's to ensure they get a great deal every time.

How to find property that won't tie you down with negative cash flow.

Experience Michael Yardney's Property Development & Renovation Workshop

26th – 27nd Oct 2019

Benefits calculator

Let's do some quick calculations to compare the benefits you will receive from participating in our Property Development & Renovation Workshop to the cost of participation.


Let’s assume the only benefit you get coming to our workshop would be that it encourages you to buy an investment property worth $500,000. It would be fair to assume that property would go up in value on average about 7% each year.


Then the annual benefit you would get would be $35,000. What if we were able to show you where to buy your property so that you got above average capital growth (and we will for every State) and you managed to get a 10% growth rate?.


This would give you a further $15,000 per annum. When you learn how to develop an investment comfort zone and you pick up a “bargain” as we regularly do, you could make an easy $20,000 and we will show you how.


Imagine if after learning the negotiating tricks the professionals use you negotiate a better price and you manage to bargain not 5% but only 2% off the purchase price of your $500,000 property; you would make a further $10,000.


Imagine how many dollars you will save when you learn how to structure your investments so that you can get maximal tax benefits.


Past attendees who learned how to add value to their properties through the renovation strategies we suggest could easily "manufacture" $50,000 of capital growth.


Past attendees who went on to develop properties have saved more than 15% on the full retail price of properties. This could be up to $300,000 on a property.

Experience Michael Yardney's Property Development & Renovation Workshop

26th – 27nd Oct 2019

Your faculty presenters

Michael Yardney
Your host

Michael Yardney

Director — Metropole Property Investment Strategists

You probably know enough about me by now. I have been a successful property investor and developer through 5 property cycles. As a leading property commentator and top selling author, I’ve probably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia and was voted as one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders.

View more

The difference this time is that at my own Property Development & Renovation Workshop, I “spill my guts” for 3 days teaching you everything I have learned, including one of the hits of last year's workshop - the end game… “How to live the life of a property multi millionaire” — explaining how to live off the increasing equity of your property portfolio.

Some of the topics I will be discussing have been outlined above, but if there is any question you want answered — that's right any question — you will have as much of my personal time as you need over the 3 days. Either I or one of our experts will know the answers or we will find out for you.

I will give YOU the formula, tools and inspiration to accomplish what I have accomplished — and more. I will also teach you:

  • The market research I do to identify property hot spots right now, so I can make the most of our changing property markets. This will teach you where to get your research and what to avoid, so as not to waste your time.
  • The 8 steps involved in profitable renovations.
  • The 9 step property development process.
  • A very detailed State by State property roundup and a clear indication of where the best opportunities lie.
  • Using close to 40 years of property experience plus detailed demographic research to show you the trend you must understand to ensure your property portfolio outperforms the market. We all know some properties will grow in value significantly more than others — maybe by a factor of 2 or 3.

This is the “stuff” you need to know to beat the averages and make the most of the forthcoming property cycle.

Ken Raiss

Ken Raiss

Director Metropole Wealth Advisory
Accountant and Structuring Strategist

"How to legally use the tax system to securely protect your investments and make sure you are not paying more tax than you have to"
Ken is widely renowned as one of Australia’s leading property tax accountant.

View more

He will discuss structures for maximum asset protection and tax minimisation. He is a "property savvy" accountant with his own very substantial property portfolio. Ken is not just a property investor but also a property developer and is always a hit when he speaks at our workshop.

Over an extended session:

  • Ken will show you the strategies the rich use to grow and protect their property portfolios. You see… it's not how much money you earn, it’s what you have left after tax that counts
  • Let Ken show you how different estate planning and asset protection strategies can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax. (Now you can access this powerful strategy, which the rich have used for decades!)
  • What the Rich know that the Poor do not, which could save you thousands. (You’ll wish you had access to these tax tips years earlier)
  • How to Legally Reduce your Tax — this alone could pay for your attendance many times over!
  • Why your accountant may not be seeing the big picture and why it’s absolutely crucial to your investments that they do.
Bryce Yardney

Bryce Yardney

Medium Density Property Development Expert

"Build the foundations of your success through property renovations and development"
Bryce heads the team at Metropole Projects, Australia's leading development management company which is currently managing over 52 development projects for clients. An architect by profession, Gavin has been involved in property development for over 26 years. He will spend a great many hours showing you how to get started in property development including property renovations.

View more

At our workshop Bryce will explain:

  • How to "cut your teeth" doing renovation projects.
  • What to look for in renovation properties so that you can maximise your profits and minimise your risk.
  • How you can get started in property development. What it takes to become a successful property developer.
  • The risks and the rewards of property development — how to assess them and the traps to watch out for.
  • How to conduct a feasibility study to ensure your project has a good profit potential.
  • The property development process and the elements of a profitable development project — with case studies taking you step by step through a number of developments
  • The property development team — the various consultants you need — what they do, how to engage them and what to pay them.
Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes

National Director Property Strategist

Kate is a property strategist and has 17 years of investment experience in financial markets in two continents. She is qualified in multiple disciplines and is also a chartered financial analyst (CFA). Her varied investment experience combined with her theoretical studies help her to maximise results for her clients as she is able to take a holistic approach to structuring a property investment portfolio. As an investor herself she understands the stakes involved and how to get the best results for her clients.

Brett Warren

Brett Warren

Director – Metropole Brisbane

Brett, who was arguably one of Brisbane’s best Buyers Agents, is now using his 12 plus years property investment experience to advise clients how to build their portfolios. While having studied economics, he’s not a theorist - Brett is a successful property investor himself and after many years with Metropole is still as passionate about getting the best results for his clients as he has always been.

Andrew Mirams

Andrew Mirams

Intuitive Finance

"Finance strategies to help you buy more properties and get the banks to say yes more often"
Andrew is director of Intuitive Finance and a leading finance strategist. As finance is the linchpin of your property portfolio, Andrew will explain what the banks are really looking for today.

View more

You must attend:

  • If you have hit the ceiling getting finance or don’t understand how to manage all those negatively geared properties. After hearing Andrew many of your problems could be solved.
  • If you want to play the banks at their own game… and win
  • If you would like to structure your finances… to invest in multiple properties
Evette Anderson

Evette Anderson

Asset Finance Solutions

"Understand property development finance strategies"
Evette is director of Asset Finance Solutions, a substantial property investor and developer and will explore the world of renovations and development finance. If you don't get your money’s worth from Evette's presentation I'll eat my hat.

View more

You will learn:

  • The difference between “buy and hold finance” and what's required for development or renovations finance.
  • What development costs banks will lend on and what they won't.
  • Why banks treat some development finance as a commercial loan.
  • Non bank lenders that may help get your property development across the line.

My 100% money back guarantee

When you consider the expert speakers, the advanced property knowledge and the ongoing Mentorship Program you will agree that no other property workshop can deliver such high-impact value. (Our attendees keep telling us again and again.)

But I understand that you may still be a little sceptical.

In fact, if this is your very first Property Development & Renovation Workshop I want to be confident of your choice. (I'm completely positive you'll be astounded, even on your very first day).

But I still want to make it as comfortable, pleasurable and profitable for you.

Money back guarantee

Register for Property Development & Renovation Workshop right now for only $2,495 PLUS get a $500 early-bird discount!

26th – 27nd Oct 2019

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